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Estratégia de Marcas e Serviços

Branding and Design Thinking strategies for new business and services models

Get to know our consultancy for the development of new business and services models through Branding Strategies and Client Journey with
a Design Thinking and Data Driven Culture approach.

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Design de Serviço
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Service Design

See an application of Collective Intelligence in our specialized digital environment.

Service and process innovation

We act at a time when the company or area is experiencing a moment of change and the need for innovation. We execute a solution related to the elaboration of a new service and product-service system perspective, or the reinvention of the organization's internal processes.

We are a support engine for innovation oriented towards mobilizing a new source of revenue, an increase in current revenue sources or cost reduction, seeking greater operational agility and efficiency (process innovation).

Depending on your needs, projects can take on different formats and methodologies. They involve key activities such as:

_ active search/listening

_ direct and active facilitation with the client

_ processing of information

_ creation of the solution

_ prototyping

_ solution validation (product market fit)

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Projetos de Branding
Business Data Driven

Branding Projects


See an application of Collective Intelligence in our specialized digital environment.

Strategy and brand management "from the door in and out"

We guide the company in updating its strategic positioning in the market and value proposition for its stakeholders. Likewise, we build a new brand for a new business that will be launched.


We do this interested in modeling, updating and executing a set of actions within the brand's employee and client experience journey.

Our branding projects are strongly guided by immersive listening to brand stakeholders through different research approaches. Our macro steps are:

_building the brand strategy

_verbal (naming, tone of voice) and visual expression (visual identity system)

_brandbook definition

_implementation of support actions (journey of employee experience, customers and other relevant stakeholders)

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Data Driven Business

Data product construction

Our data products are interested in solving our client’s business problems that may be related to different areas of the organization. We will always rely on statistical techniques, applied technology knowledge and vision of business innovation.


We support through a broad research effort to collect or qualify new data already existing.


Likewise, we implement the data product through careful UX/UI so that information is consumed and transforms our clients' businesses.

Projects that involve data science, are concerned with the organization of existing data, the way these data can be processed through technology and extensive collection of new data through research. Statisticians, designers, developers and business-minded people work together to devise whatever algorithm is needed.

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