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Branding:  brand strategy and management

Sport Club Internacional

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We organized the brand strategy, structured the first brandbook in the history of the Club and guided the management and architecture of the brand.


_ Branding

We validated the essence of the expression "Clube do Povo", affirming the expression as a positioning and not just a speech. Through several surveys, interviews and immersions, we formulated a Brand Manual consistent with the positioning perceived by the consumer/fan.

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_   Brandbook, one of the materializations of the project

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Strategic Brand Positioning

Inter represents a great brand with several active touchpoints. Guiding a football club brand is dealing with the abundant management of emotions. It is essential that the Branding is perfectly aligned with the history of the institution. Nômade carried out a process of total manualization of the brand of Sport Club Internacional, contemplating a structuring of the positioning, a new visual language, new points of contact and architecture of the brands. Passion, community and togetherness. The fan's passion is the main foundation for the maintenance and construction of the entity as a club.

Initial Challenge


Sport Club Internacional chose Nômade to develop a way of understanding how its values were perceived and, based on this understanding, improve the institution's Branding. Our challenge was to understand the fans' real perception of the Sport Club Internacional brand on the national scene and to propose a strategy that would express a strong, up-to-date and passionate identity.


_   Co-creation sessions with fans

Our Process

The project started with a general diagnosis of the brand through a total immersion of the Nômade team in Inter's infrastructure. The gathering of information started with the club's history, a fundamental action to understand how the relationships between positioning, brand and fans were built over the years.

In addition, a field survey was carried out in São Paulo. We visited other great references of national football, aiming to understand the relationship of Internacional at the Brazilian level. In the immersion phase, it was possible to outline the best methodology for the progress of the study.
To get a sense of the bigger picture, our team conducted a series of interviews with fans, athletes, former athletes, managers and employees. Thus, the data revealed the feelings of the various agents in relation to the presence of the International in their lives.

The surveys were carried out in three stages: a questionnaire via the club's application, a workshop with fans and embassies and an interactive questionnaire at the institution's museum.
Questionnaire via the club's application: the questions sought to understand the values perceived by fans who attend the stadium. In two days, the survey reached an astonishing 4,500 responses, indicating great engagement.
Workshop with fans: different profiles of supporters were selected to participate in a conversation. At the stage, concepts and essential elements of the brand were exposed, encouraging dialogue and exchanging views about the club. In addition, managers were able to visualize on-site the sincere reactions of their audience.
Interactive questionnaire at the institution's museum: the club's museum is one of the main attractions of the Beira-Rio Complex. In it, fans remember the club's glories and historic moments. It's the ideal environment to get a feeling of passion, especially on game days. A key question was applied: “When you think of Internacional, what do you remember?” Through the questioning, it was possible to obtain rich contributions on the fan/club relationship.
With the application of techniques, the results showed how the brand identity relationships are designed by different platforms. The pillars defined were: Colorado, Gigante, Union, Overcoming and Vanguard. From there, we dedicated ourselves to the development of Branding, brand manualization and creation of touch points.
Nômade continued to monitor the implementation and use of the guidelines outlined in the manuals for a year. This process ensures that the marketing area of the club can make the best use of the guidelines, increasing the value of the delivery made.


Greatness, pride and connection:
all brand identity in a new branding

Built from the analysis and cross-referencing of data from surveys, interviews and immersions, the brandbook resulted in a material perfectly aligned with the identity and purpose of Clube do Povo, expressing the main concepts objectively, without neglecting passion.

Feeling from the stands to the lawn

The tunnel leading to the pitch is where those last thoughts, prayers and preparations before the match take place. Nothing better than using this space to remind players that there are many people passionately rooting for them. 


Nômade designed a space full of iconic images of historic moments in the colorada crowd, stamping the walls with pure feeling. All the emotion that emanates from the stands present to the athletes when they enter the field.

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_   Meeting with representatives of the Consulates

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