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Santa Marta's Way of Serving


Santa Marta Drugstore


_ Service Design


Developed Operation Manuals;  Model store created and Evaluation and Engagement System in activity. 

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We materialized the new attributes of Drogaria Santa Marta in a unique service experience, connected to the purpose of the business and articulated with the day-to-day reality of the operation.

" Nômade's differential was having developed the solution together with the company's employees, this made them feel part of the creation and, therefore, they can put it into practice in a more natural way. We don't want robotic service!"

Renato Berber, Executive Commercial Director,
Sales, Project and Management Development

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Service Improvement que 
look at the brand and operation

We materialized Drogaria Santa Marta's new brand attributes in a unique service experience, connected to the business purpose and articulated with the day-to-day reality of the operation. Jeito Santa Marta de Atender (as a new process and methodology developed through service design), generated impactful results thanks to the active involvement of employees from end to end, from the idea, through the design, to the materialization of parts. and absorption of the new service culture through learning actions of employees who became ambassadors of the proposal. 

The challenge

To deliver a memorable service experience to a chain of pharmacies with more than 80 stores and in full expansion, it is not enough to create something cool and train those involved. It is necessary to understand the current reality of store operations and initiate a review of the positions and service logic, together with some teams and managers.


The new service must inspire the attributes of the brand, but above all be functional to contribute to the quality of customer service. 


_   Photos of the immersion process 

Our Process

The work started with an immersion in the client, to understand the operation and an extensive research of benchmarks.
Once the bottlenecks and difficulties of the operation were understood, it was important to guide a new logical structure of functions for each position, in order to make the service more fluid. An operations manual was prepared, together with the area manager, adapting a new Service Cycle, describing in detail the activities of each employee in the store, from opening to closing. This content was validated together with some teams, in a CoDesign practice. 
Along with this reorganization of operational activities, the original signatures of JEITO SANTA MARTA DE ATENDER were designed, as well as the service narrative, which aim to create moments in store with a unique experience and materialize the purpose of the brand in the relationship with the customer._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
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_   Illustrative images with a summary of the new positions,
the operating manual is restricted to the customer. 

"The genuine care of people
is our purpose"
We exist to bring well-being to the Santa Marta family: you and our customers.
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Signature "Santa Marta Simplifies"
Let's contribute to the care in the treatment. The patch system helps people to correctly follow a  medical prescription.
Subscription "Complimentary Water"
Water is a gesture of genuine care and attention. It is one of the most basic care for disease prevention and treatment.
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Evento Embaixadores_ março2021_2_edited.jpg
Signature "Santa Marta Listens to You"
A way of caring and listening to our customers. We will collect spontaneous perceptions from customers about the quality of 24/7 service.
Signature "Spontaneous Smile"
We have to have a welcoming smile to welcome different types of people. We need to make them feel special.
Signature "Exclusive Scent"
Take care of the well being and hygiene of our stores. It is the care with the details of the experiences.
" The first major pillar to make a transformation was the choice of good partners. We already had a very strong perception on the part of our customers of the quality of service, it has always been one of our strengths. We were already good.
" The first major pillar to make a transformation was the choice of good partners. We already had a very strong perception on the part of our customers of the quality of service, it has always been one of our strengths. We were already good.

The project was very good! We are already working in stores and we are rolling out to all stores. We recently opened two stores where we were able to test and really see the great result that this new service cycle is doing. 

Renato Berber,
Executive Commercial Director, Sales Development, Projects and Management

Do you want to see how this service happens? 
Visit one of the stores!
Here, we share some photos of the first model store that started operating with Jeito Santa Marta de Atender:
the solution

A new Service Culture is established with a lot of encouragement and learning work, with stimuli that help to make everything proposed more and more natural. To contribute in this regard, we created the Jeito Santa Marta Ambassadors Program , which consists of a peer-review system, so that in-store employees can periodically (every 3 months) evaluate their practices. The program offers benefits to employees who gain prominence.


We also created an experiential workshop format, designed so that store teams could perceive the different situations that occur on a daily basis and, through the scenes, be able to absorb the best alternatives, maintaining the excellence of the service naturally. In addition, all Jeito Santa Marta content, manuals and narrative were made available on the corporate education platform and can be accessed, with questions that test the employee's understanding of the procedures.

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_   Jeito Santa Marta Ambassadors Program


_   Records of the experiential workshop

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