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Strategy de 
market expansion


_ Service Design


We updated the value proposition for SMEs and the Ecofrotas digital system, as well as definitions of personas, which guided the new strategy for the company's commercial and communication sectors.


Through strategic design, the company managed to adjust the service strategy to win over small and medium-sized companies, since they are already market leaders focused on large companies.

" Nômade brought confidence to my own team to build this type of project. The work meetings are practically characterized as a class. Everyone learned."

Bruna Trierweiler, Marketing Manager at Ticket Log

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Value Offer

Intensive strategic design work was carried out so that the company could adjust the value of its services to a context of smaller companies. After understanding how that segment of the public thinks, target sectors were defined (segmentation strategy) so that Ecofrotas could advance in prospecting.

Big companies need to reinvent themselves

Large companies need to remain competitive in the niche they know and dominate, but always being vigilant for the possibilities of expanding their business to other audiences and markets. In early 2016, Ecofrotas, a company that would later be purchased by Ticket and would be renamed Ticket Log, approached Estúdio Nômade with a challenge. It was already a market leader in providing fleet management systems for large organizations, but it was aware that it needed to adjust its service offering to also win over small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), according to the needs of this market.


_   Co-creation workshop.

Photo: Renan Constantin


Our Process

Mapping and understanding the real pains of customers:
Listen to the target audience and co-create with them simultaneously, in order to understand them and guide the value offer. During the workshops and strategic dialogues with customers, the conversations explored all the functionalities that the digital system should offer. With this, a new system was co-created respecting the needs of users.
We deliver definitions of various personas, which are fictitious representations based on profiles of real or potential customers. These data guided the company's entire communication strategy, also reorienting the commercial team's work and approach. After five months of the project, Ecofrotas managed to update its value proposition to enter the SME market.
New commercial indicators were co-created, with new work guidelines for the commercial team. Thus, the construction of market positioning and communication was worked on. As part of the process, a map of touchpoints was designed so that the offer could be made available, customized by persona, in four communication macro-processes: attraction, sale, use and relationship. For example, different communication plans could be set up for each type of persona. Likewise, marketing processes were customized. As Nômade collaborated with information through strategic design, Ecofrotas consolidated and adapted its knowledge in commercial, marketing and communication plans.
Ecofrotas PME'S_2
Ecofrotas PME'S

_   Map with the regions where the strategic dialogues and co-creation took place + One of the personas developed and identified as the focus of the solution for SMEs.

*Some texts of the persona were modified to preserve the strategic content of Ecofrotas.

Fluxo Ecofrotas

_   The project was structured through a Project Flow to arrive at the ideal solution.

Project Results
The partnership resulted in increased business opportunities. More than that, it gave tools to conquer a market that proved to be extremely promising and with great commercial potential.
" Nômade's active and business listening is what makes us hire again. Partners who do not understand our business do not 'survive', because what we look for in partners is complementarity and not our 'delegation'."_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Bruna Trierweiler, Marketing Manager at Ticket Log

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