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New Futures:

Multi-Platform to stimulate interest and new skills development

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ENGIE Brazil


_ Organizational Design


Authorial content that impacted more than 2,000 ENGIE Brazil employees 


New Futures:  
A learning multi-platform platform that has impacted on the organizational culture and development of more than 2,000 ENGIE Brazil employees

" It's really inspiring to see people talking about their passions and vocations. I believe we learn a lot from each other, that exchange is a source of wisdom. [...] For more #paposincero 
(#sinceretalk) in our teams, families, friendship circles.

Jonathas Albano Jonathas (ENGIE Brasil Participacoes Ltda)

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_   New Futures Platform on ENGIE intranet

A platform to spark curiosity for change

The effects generated by the pandemic helped to accelerate a process of transformation that was already underway, which made the need to prepare for changes in the models and practices of the relationship between work and life even more urgent. ENGIE is a company focused on Energy Generation and Solutions, with different lines of business, and has more than 3,000 employees, throughout Brazil.


One of its great challenges is to create unity and alignment in its own organizational culture to engage employees in the work processes and development, strengthening the company’s performance as a whole. It was with this in mind that Nômade, together with ENGIE Brasil, started the development of a channel with different formats in text, audio and video (synchronous and asynchronous), aimed at all employees to get in touch with content designed to spark their curiosity for change and their interest in developing new skills, which are so necessary for the future.


_  Stickers developed for the WhatsApp group

Valuing employee time

The challenge that Engie presented in the face of circumstances was changing behavior, learning new skills, opening up to new mental and business models. One of the most sensitive points of the project was dealing with the "lack of time" and the excess of activities that the employees are already involved with. Therefore, the question arises: How to offer something that is necessary without generating more anxiety about the volume of information that people already have?

Our Process

The strategy was to get closer to the People and Culture managers, who live the day-to-day operations of the business units, bringing them closer to the project, with the intention of involving them in the formatting of content and language. Thus, we identified that the first content should aim to contextualize the benefits of an informal learning to the public, as proposed by the channel. Afterwards, the dedication was directed toward nurturing the platform. We sought to convey a broad understanding of the dimensions that make up the “ENGIE Way of Leading” (proposed by the company), and of the new skills, considering an integral vision of the human being. For this, we distributed the contents in three layers of depth.
During the initial period, the channels of the “New Futures” project were updated weekly, with the release of original content in different formats. In this way, we offer a “critical mass” of topics so that user navigation gains depth and consistency. At first, we considered only asynchronous content, without requiring fixed schedules from employees.
The next step was to start a close relationship with those employees who were most interested in the content, activating their contribution to publicize and bring in more users. Along with this movement, we started the organization of Thematic Cycles, focused on specific subjects to be deepened over a longer period of time, with live (synchronous) online activities, so that the most interested people could delve into the process.
A project at full steam!

Today, Engie New Futures is already a platform recognized by employees and has been gaining more and more participants in its different media and meeting formats. Workshop classes and webinars are always crowded, with a waiting list. New horizontal interaction channels have already been opened (groups on the company's Yammer and WhatsApp) to enable spontaneous exchanges. Thus, we believe that we have created a true movement of transformation, motivated by the people who make the company happen on a daily basis, and who can learn and exchange meaningful experiences.

_   Contents segmented into themes within the New Futures platform

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_   Synchronous classes with guest professors and infographic with content curatorship

Testimonials from those who witnessed this impact 
" Amazing!!! This page "warms my heart", because I see an initiative that shows that the company is reflecting and looking for different ways to act in this New Future. It doesn't have all the answers, and neither do we, so we need to reflect and build it together. The moment is very favorable, this forced retreat due to the pandemic has put many people in a state of reflection and, like me, I believe we are understanding that maintaining our way of dealing with some issues is not sustainable for us in the future. Congratulations on the initiative ;)

Suellem Silva - ENGIE Brasil Energia (EBE - a company from the group) employee
" It is necessary to reinvent yourself every year, the world in the 21st century has changes all the time. 

Marcello Matz
- TAG (a company from the group) employee
" What a great initiative!! All actions in this channel are, without a doubt, a stimulus for my learning.

Jorge Evandro - ENGIE Brasil Energia (EBE - a company from the group) employee

New Futures is restricted to ENGIE employees on its sharepoint intranet. However, we are experimenting with an open channel on Spotify, with podcasts. You can check out the contents by going there!

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Do you want to know more about how to start a process of cultural transformation and people development in your company?

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