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Long live retirement


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_ Employee Experience
_ Content and Facilitation


A trail of dynamic meetings that provided information and hospitality to a group of ENGIE employees in the process of retirement, marking the transition of their professional cycle and strengthening the company's care for the employee's experience.


Sustaining the retirement journey is a caring practice, connected to ESG principles, therefore strategic for the organization from a sustainability perspective.

" Very interesting. I was able to listen and share with colleagues a little bit of my  trajectory in the company and also what each one thinks about this new stage of life.

ENGIE contributor testimonial, member of Viva Aposentadoria

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Peaceful retirement: history and perspective

ENGIE is present in the lives of several professionals, many of whom have a long-term relationship with the company. In this way, offering a meaningful process for closing a cycle, valuing and celebrating the professional journey is essential both to improve the employee experience and the employer brand. The Viva Aposentadoria Program was created to provide emotional support and meaningful guidance, strengthening connections.

_   Recognition Dynamics performed on a digital platform

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Gifts delivered to program participants as a symbolic materialization of their trajectories.

Protagonism until the end

The existing challenge was to develop a humanized, welcoming and positive solution for a series of people, belonging to the “new retirees” generation, seeking to value professionals in the transition process, as well as encouraging their protagonism. in this new phase of life.


ENGIE chose Nômade to coordinate and facilitate this project, which required developing sensitivity, empathy and curation of relevant content for employees in transition to a new way of life, considering all aspects related to health, finances and new possibilities of lifestyle. life.

Our Process

Legacy registration and future visualization

To strengthen the ability of the group of new retirees to share their experiences, recognize feelings and welcome difficulties, we created a customized solution capable of connecting, valuing and marking the transition.


We developed a trail with dynamic encounters, using an online and interactive platform. The focus of these meetings was to generate conditions for participants to receive content, exchange experiences and express their opinions.


We started with the elaboration of a guide of good practices to guide the meetings. This was previously made available to managers and then to the group of new retirees.


Afterwards, we started a process of emotional support, consisting of an "interactive class" on longevity (among other related topics) with specialists; and a special invitation to a dynamic of recognition in the form of a workshop, where the members told stories of their trajectory, reconnected with past sensations and expressed wishes for fulfillment for the future.


During the stages, we collected original content on the topic and delivered documentary material, offered as a farewell gift, a souvenir notebook and a tribute plaque. This celebration kit was delivered at the closing meeting.

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Sustainability and empathy

The project carries valuable meaning for such important people who have been part of ENGIE's trajectory.


Sustaining this journey is a careful practice, connected to ESG principles, therefore strategic for the organization in a sustainability perspective.

" Working with Nômade was unique for the success of the Viva Aposentadoria program. We had a challenge that is not common in the market, which is to offer a welcoming space to our retirees and give new meaning to the retirement process. All stages were built with our reality in mind, and we felt embraced with the construction of the material, which offered guidance and provided reference for our people. The management of the subject, the collection and expression of the Longevity concept, brought the necessary sense to embrace our process and open the journey that we will still follow with the Nomad in the retirement project."

Rafaela Aline Bartocz,
Health Analyst – People and Culture Management, ENGIE Brasil Energia

Conversation circle and small exposure of memories using digital platform


_ Closing face-to-face meeting

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