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Living Systems


Internal Communication Team


_ Facilitation and Content
_ Systemic View
_ Processes improvement


The team made up of 12 people was able to identify the elements that were harming the quality of their deliveries, as well as generating a higher level of stress. With an empathetic look, they brought visions of improvement considering the behavioral differences between them.

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In an immersive activity, lasting 4 hours, Nubank's Internal Communication team was able to visualize and welcome their differences, and then cast a critical-constructive look at their operation, identifying problems and directing glances to what they could not see on their own before. .
The exercise of a systemic view.

" Nomad's activity was amazing and brought much-needed insights."
Gabriel Gregorio, Global Internal Communications Assistant

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_   Visual Thinking to identify elements that influence work relationships and activities.

living the emergency
of a new organizational model

Companies like Nubank propose a level of autonomy and fluidity in the teams that requires a greater capacity for criticism and positioning from employees, otherwise it is possible to feel overloaded and lose the quality of deliveries, compromising the good work environment.


In this immersive activity, we work on two major aspects: Systemic Vision and Relational Intelligence. To this end, we share a conceptual vision of the transformation of organizations, proposing together some exercises of individual and collective perception.


Graphic proposed by Frederic Laloux in the book "Rethinking Organizations" on the evolution of our level of consciousness as a social group.

A playful approach, but not so much

The atmosphere at Nubank is quite relaxed and, precisely for this reason, it is important to be attentive not to lose focus on the objectives of the meeting. The people on the team already had a lot of affinity, which on the one hand facilitates interactions, but on the other hand it already demonstrates some habits that can make it difficult to explore new visions, different from what is already considered as a truth.

Our Process

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In this Facilitation & Content format, within the intention of Team Building, our approach mixes theoretical-conceptual content with exercises and active dynamics to stimulate discussions and discoveries.
Frederic Laloux's perspective in his book "Reinventing Organizations" makes an important contribution to understanding the transition we are experiencing today. Our individual maturity level conditions our ability to organize ourselves as a group and this makes it possible to move towards new stages of coexistence. This phenomenon happens without our having a critical sense, but like any change, it generates some kind of tension, whenever we can  The intention here is to expand the team's repertoire to perceive with more resources our moment in the organizational relationships.
This first practical experience aims to provoke people to think about their behavioral characteristics and styles. How they think and act, with a simple and quick instrument, we explore the differences and similarities in the team's profile. This serves as an introduction to the second exercise.
We call it Visual Design, which we can understand as the construction of a "map of collective vision". Through a specific orientation, which considers the needs and context in question, the collaborators (divided into small groups), create their perceptions in real time in the format of a model.
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WhatsApp Image 2019-12-16 at 15.50_edited.jpg

_   Visual Thinking to identify elements that influence work relationships and activities.

The workshop allowed for greater connection between the team to discuss their different perspectives on the difficulties faced. According to the feedback obtained, the facilitation and the content helped to gain depth and understand the elements in a broad way, making it possible to visualize alternatives, having more clarity of the real causes that generate losses in deliveries. The team managed to create a safe environment to express their perceptions and compose new actions. 

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