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_ Service Design / Strategic Workshop

Inputs of solutions for vehicle maintenance, such as a new application and KPIs operation guidance.


Co-creation of solutions with customers: when the service users themselves show the way that makes sense.

Co-creating with users

Understanding the real needs of customers can be an arduous task, especially when the subject is technical. However, there are effective ways to get users to provide the answers the company needs. We developed a series of workshops aimed at generating solutions for vehicle maintenance such as KPI operation guidance and a new service application.

Initial Challenge

In 2015, Ticket Log was seeking to co-create with customers some solutions on vehicle maintenance, one of the service lines with which it works. That's why he went to Nômade and approved the idea of having a co-creation experience through workshops.

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_   Ambience developed for the Workshop

Process / Methodology

First Workshop | Creation:
The first workshop took place in October 2015 and was attended by more than 50 managers of different types of fleets in client companies or potential clients. Participants were divided into two groups. One of them developed Key Performance Indicators, known as KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), while the other discussed creating an optimal solution for smartphones and tablets.


Despite being a very technical subject, tools were used that made the experience light, mobilizing creativity and creating an environment conducive to participants to collaborate and actively contribute to solutions. Nômade was able to map and understand how customers understood the functioning of preventive and corrective maintenance flows. A priority ranking of KPIs was then collectively developed, with information on what is relevant to managers, as well as optimal preventive and corrective maintenance flows. An operation guidance was delivered to the company.

During the workshop, the second group of customers was led to discuss solutions for mobile technologies, such as smartphones and tablets. Managers discussed what the perfect mobile application would look like to handle the vehicle maintenance service. In this way, they were able to reach critical points. As a result, Ticket Log's Product and IT team received guidance on how to create an ideal mobile solution in terms of content, screens and user experience (UX). The app has been released.

Second Workshop | Validation:

In May 2017, Estúdio Nômade was responsible for a second workshop. This time, with the objective of validating some critical points within the solutions found in the first meeting.


During the event, solutions were simulated by customers, and it was possible to design an infographic to map the flow of actions that should be carried out in certain situations. After the workshop, Ticket Log received a complete report of the experience, including a vision of the future from the managers. In addition to serving as a research tool, the meeting also served as a space for creation, as it provided inputs for the company to improve the solution offered.

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Project Results

For Ticket Log, the two Maintenance workshops were very important. The first guided the development of digital product solutions, while the second validated points of doubt that still existed, thus leaving the solution complete.

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_   Tool used by the group responsible for KPI's to investigate the user experience during the corrective and preventive maintenance process.

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