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Outback Steakhouse Brazil

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_ Team Building
_ Organizational Learning
_ Team Training


The Outback Rally provided greater clarity and understanding for all employees about the new operation of one of the Outback units. It managed to integrate and generate greater mutual help between the teams for coordinated work. More than 90% of the 150 participants would recommend this type of training to other stores.


The Rally was a great integration activity, enabling the teams to obtain a systemic view of the operation , recognizing the needs and difficulties of each area, so that they work better together.

" I keep all the lessons learned that day, understanding each area and the needs of each one was essential to bring unity and team engagement. We feel stronger for the current challenges".

Tatiana Cristina de Queiroz Lisbon,
Outback Moema Services Manager


The Outback Rally won Silver in the Service Design - Employee Experience category   at the 10th Brazil Design Award (2021). This is an award with national recognition (the largest award in the sector in the country), held annually and promoted by Abedesign. The projects are evaluated by a highly qualified panel of judges, made up of important professionals in the field of design.

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a immersive

The human factor has increasingly been taken into account in any organizational environment, especially in companies that focus on end-customer satisfaction, which is the case of Outback. The operating system of this restaurant chain is thoroughly standardized. To ensure constant improvements, it is necessary to train the team and review the processes. As much as people work focused on one area, it is important that they are aware of the whole.


Faced with the launch of a new store, the Outback Rally emerged, an immersive experience to prepare teams for work. Through Strategic Design, based on an empathic approach, with storytelling techniques, the training aims to make Outbackers aware of the different activities and mainly, the perceptions of colleagues about their work. In this sense, strengthening the sense of collectivity, improving the ability to solve problems, engaging the team to achieve better results.

_   Immersive Experience with Outback Employees

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Materials used during the experience, improving participation 

The Moema case

With a network of 100 branches spread across 15 states in Brazil, Outback is committed to quality and strives to ensure that all its restaurants have a standardized service of excellence, but with different regions, employees and audiences, each unit has its particularities. A new restaurant in Moema (SP) was being launched, with special attractions, to be Outback's innovation laboratory.


Nômade arrived with the commitment to align processes, placing the employee as the protagonist of work practices and relationships, creating a sense of integration and expanding the potential of the collective. With the intention of preparing the staff for this special operation, the Outback Rally was developed. The great challenge was to make the more than 120 employees, between the different shifts and areas of the restaurant, aware of the characteristics of the work of colleagues and understand their needs, difficulties and abilities, valuing the work of each one and, thus, training based on peer learning.

Our Process

Integration developing empathy and collectivity

Storytelling exercised empathy through a fluid activity between workstations.


Outback Rally was conceived as an immersive experience, guided by Strategic Design. It got its name because it was an exercise that invited employees to “navigate” through the most diverse sectors of the company, getting to know different job situations and work practices from their own, practicing empathy.


To create this experience, we started with the discovery of each work area, conducting interviews with employees, reading from the Customer Service and creating a narrative for each station. A logical route was developed based on this and, on the day of the Rally, a route divided into 12 stations was proposed, where 12 teams passed through each of the stations in a rotation system.


Combining storytelling techniques and creative dialogue tools, Nômade used comic strips and provocative questions to stimulate reflection and the exchange of experiences for roles recognition.


The Outback Rally took place on the premises of the restaurant with a total duration of 3h30, involving the participation of 120 people, all Outback Moema employees.

It was possible to observe that many of the collaborators had little idea about what was happening in sectors other than their own. The activity helped professionals to look more closely at their colleagues and treat each other more carefully, providing more empathy and a sense of group. The activity helped generate empathy and connect people with an integrated vision. A document was also generated compiling all the insights obtained during the Rally practice, offering a critical view with notes of improvements for managers.
" The idea of the Rally was amazing. It was nice to see the company's staff participating, in uniform like us; making us understand the needs of other co-workers". 
Natalia Campanini, 
Host of the Moema Unit - SP

Record of one of the Rally stations


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