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Ticket Log


_ Cultural alignment


Discovery of the Purpose of the Fleet & Mobility Edenred Brasil business line (Ticket Log, Repom and ESPP) and strategic development of operational devices that, through a platform, guide the support of the Purpose in business practices.

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Purpose is something that already exists in the organization, it needs to be discovered and awakened. It is not invented and it is not imposed that it be practiced.

It is necessary to understand what it means to have a Purpose in order to assume a collective desire for transformation. We facilitated this project with the managers, employees and other stakeholders of Ticket Log, bringing greater clarity to the meaning of the organization's operation.

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_   Project flow based on the 3 cycles of project maturation.

Project Description

Over 7 months, we facilitated the discovery of the Purpose of the Fleet & Mobility Edenred Brasil business line (Ticket Log, Repom and ESPP). The theme purpose emerged naturally, and was a consequence of interactions and inquiries about the current positioning of brands. This pain was exposed by managers: a discomfort in rethinking a brand, but not being clear about its purpose. A series of "existential questions" arose about Fleet & Mobility - this lack of clarity, in any organization, makes it difficult for employees to align culturally and makes it unclear why activities are carried out. Our work involved the strategic development of operational devices that, through a platform, guide the support of the Purpose in business practices.

Initial Challenge



As with people, Purpose is something that already exists in the organization,  needs to be discovered and awakened. It cannot be invented or imposed so that it can be practiced, it needs to emerge. It is necessary to understand what it means to have a Purpose in order to assume a desire for transformation. Our work with the Fleet & Mobility business line (which is formed by the companies Ticket Log, Repom and ESPP of the Edenred Brasil group) is proof of this.


The initial problem of the project was to build a sustainability platform. As the project progressed, it was understood that it no longer made sense to develop a sustainability platform, it was necessary to go further. It was necessary to understand the PURPOSE. Understanding what moved the company, rescuing the meaning and meaning of the organization's work, in order to have clarity of Purpose.

Our Process

We started the project from dialogues with the leaders of the companies about the challenge received and, thus, the most interesting part of the project emerged: the need to talk about its Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). This was the defining moment for the beginning of the discovery and construction work of the F&M Purpose.

The project was then structured in
three maturation cycles, which were renewed and evolved as the activities progressed. Each cycle consisted of:
_ interviews and workshops with internal and external audiences,
_ a deep netnography that investigated the market and projects related to mobility.
_ metaproject meetings with the team (Fleet Mobility + Nomad) for discussions, alignments and guidance in the progress of the cycles.

We deepen understanding and provide key moments for advancing in the discovery of Purpose:
workshop developed with a series of projective dynamics to mobilize the vision and understand the meaning of this Purpose for them.

conversations with customers from different segments, with the accredited network (gas stations), suppliers (like us), entities of interest (representatives of civil society) and a diversity of employees from all hierarchical levels. All this to understand their vision and what a Purpose would mean to them.


The different information collected from the main leaders was worked on to identify the most relevant elements in “doing the business”, developing a semantic understanding of the potential attributes of the brand, through a process of modeling information and concepts.


After the moments of listening and co-creation, in which the Purpose materialized, a validation phase began. Different levels of collaborators were involved in a Collaborative Design process, in which information was validated according to its real connection with everyday life. The validation took place through co-creation tools and frameworks, shared with the leadership teams, to validate the development. The perceptions, captured from multiple voices, allowed mapping nuances and essential aspects for the evolution of the Purpose. In this way, a concept emerges that was discovered and co-created in a legitimate way, involving different levels of collaborators. Its meaning has repercussions throughout the organization.


put this aspirational message into business practice. Therefore, we formalized the intention/need to develop the Platform of Purpose, an operational device for managing change, which guides and facilitates the process of appropriation of new practices arising from the purpose.

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_   Purpose co-creation workshop with the main Fleet & Mobility leaders.

Together with the client, we discovered the purpose of the Fleet & Mobility solutions vertical:
Valuing people's time to enjoy life more and better!
From this sentence, we unfolded actions that developed a platform that guides the support of the Purpose in the business practices. The Platform works as an interactive, open and collaborative tool for everyone in the company to participate. It has its own methodology created by Nômade, adapted to the company's operation, which is based on four layers:



The set of behaviors that need to be developed with the organization's employees.



Management and relationship practices (internal and external). A composition of premises and guidelines that guide attitudes and inspire a unique culture of employees.



Products and solutions that deliver the purpose, strengthen the company's transformative intention and offer clear potential for sustaining or increasing financial profitability.



Relationship and experience actions for internal and external audiences that reinforce the purpose of transformation, contribute to improving the quality of life and valuing the brand. The initiatives are not focused on financial returns.



Purpose in the organization's daily actions

_ Action plans

_ Communication Campaign

_ Discovery and definition of strategic pillars

We deliver a very clear, objective and organized direction on how to get the Purpose off paper, guiding the implementation of the Purpose in the organization's daily actions. For each of the four layers, there are detailed Action Plans and the people responsible for effectively carrying out the necessary activities. These actions were properly “packaged” in a communication and engagement campaign, with graphic pieces and specific actions that stimulate reflection and criticism, basic attitudes for the appropriation of meaning. Therefore, in this process, Nômade delivered from the discovery and definition of the strategic pillars to the practical lines of action to carry out the transformation movement towards a business that is guided by a Purpose. All this content was co-created with the contributors, so the necessary changes were not invented, but combined. It is the result of a great participatory process.

Impact Measurement

We know that this is a long-term process. It doesn't happen in a month and therefore needs to be monitored. For this, we also deliver as a result a powerful tool for measuring its impact. Thus, it is possible to monitor the systemic impact that the Purpose generates in the organization's culture and in the way in which the business is done.

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_   Purpose Platform Visualization. .

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