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Future Scenarios Workshop

Ticket Log



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_ Service Design

Generation of information about what the managers of client companies expect from the company in the future, in addition to the advancement in the relationship with the market.

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Predicting the future is possible:
we helped Ticket Log discover what is expected of it for the next 50 years

" We wanted to apply a method capable of optimizing our investments with events so that these events were more than a relationship event. (...) The execution was impeccable. The way Nômade thinks about the informative details makes all the difference. ".

Bruna Trierweiler, Marketing Manager at Ticket Log

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a speculative experiment

Imagine if a company could predict what will happen in the future, anticipating situations and scenarios in its area of operation. The benefits would be incalculable, wouldn't they? Because although it is not yet possible to get into a time machine and travel to the 2060s and observe the changes, we found together with the fleet management company Ticket Log a way to anticipate the transformations that will occur in the sector, with invaluable help : the vision and imagination of the customers themselves. Moved by the restlessness of those who want to be ahead of their time, the company offered its customers the Future Scenarios workshop, planned by Estúdio Nômade.

Initial Challenge


In 2015, when the company was still called Ecofrotas, before being bought by Ticket and changing its name, the challenge arose of creating an environment that would displace a group of around 60 fleet managers from various parts of their daily work. from Brazil. The company wanted to understand what customers expected from the fleet management service sector in the next 50 years to adapt to the future.

_   People were invited to write their imagination of the future for the world in a horizon of 50 years. After a constructive discussion about the panels carried out by the groups, the guests shared experiences and cases of companies regarding topics relevant to the sector.

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Our Process

immersive dynamics

To respond to the challenge, a hotel room in Porto Alegre received some stimuli that provoked the guests to reflect on the uncertainties of the future. Infographic panels with different trends in mobility, 3D printer, images of futuristic cars and creative tables set the scene. A totem was also installed, an interaction device with sensors that projected images on the screen, in scenes that changed as the participants moved. A DJ ensured that all the songs played somehow referred to the future. That is, to think about the future, special care is needed in the environment in which people interact.


The dynamics of the workshop included a creative laboratory, in which people were invited to write what they imagined for the next 50 years in the area of fleet management. As a group, managers created projections for the future as they assembled panels of images that made sense to them. Then, each team formed showed their work to the other participants, which generated a debate.


Managers who usually have a day-to-day managerial job were challenged to use their imagination and creativity. With that, Ecofrotas was able to fulfill its objective of provoking the market to think about new things, through a dynamic that surprised everyone. As a result, it passed on to customers an image of a company committed to innovation.


The result was an in-depth discussion about what customers see in fleet management. Based on this, Estúdio Nômade prepared studies with interpretations of each created panel. The event also served to improve the relationship with the managers of the companies contracting the services, bringing them closer to the Ecofrotas commercial team. Potential customers, on the other hand, had the opportunity to hear success stories, understanding better how the company works. On the day after the activities, participants were also able to take a trip to Campo Bom, a city 50 km from Porto Alegre, where they got to know the company's headquarters in depth.


According to the company's marketing manager, Bruna Trierweiler, the flexibility of Estúdio Nômade in composing its methodology, together with the empiricism of the fleet control company, was a key factor in the partnership's success._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


With a planned and dynamic event using co-design tools, Ticket Log was able to understand what customers expect from the fleet management sector in the next 50 years, while getting closer to users of the services it provides. With this, it is already preparing for the changes that the market expects in the area.

The event featured an ambiance with infographics, lighting and digital media themed in relation to the future. Motion sensors were also thought of with which people interacted and generated effects when editing the projected videos. The images portrayed an imagined future for society and its relationship with fleet management.

Digital media and motion sensors: Fernando Krum.

Photo: Renan Constantin.


_ Setting developed for the Workshop

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