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Workshop  Synergy and Collaboration





_ Team Building

_ Creative Facilitation

Visualization of opportunities and obstacles. Greater clarity of the paths and structuring of actions that stimulate the movement of change in the work environment.

The Synergy and Collaboration Workshop was a solution developed to guide Engie Brasil's HR performance according to the Group's new purpose and global strategic vision, stimulating the perception of HR employees as agents of change.

" Nômade proposes a very humanized approach to organizations, bringing this perspective to all activities developed in the interaction with the group. The material delivered after the workshop, with the consolidation of experiences, was of the highest level and helped us to keep the reflections  carried out in the two days of interaction.”

  Simone Barbieri, HR VP ENGIE South America
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_   Dynamic activities that took place during the workshop with the HR leaders.

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Empowered HR to lead change

Changing the organizational culture of a large company is no easy task. Hard work is required for employees to align themselves with the corporation's new guidelines and purposes. More than that, it is often necessary to change processes, postures and vices ingrained in the way of working for years. We developed a solution to guide the performance of the HR sector with the company's new strategic vision through the preparation of a workshop. The event, organized and structured by Estúdio Nômade, brought together 17 leaders from the Human Resources area from five different business segments of the group. The meeting was in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, on May 23 and 24, 2017.

Initial Challenge

Changes after restructuring

When the French energy generation and distribution group ENGIE established changes in the company's strategic vision around the world, the company's corporate center in Brazil faced the challenge of aligning the performance of the country's employees with the new global guidelines. For this, he chose the Human Resources area to initiate the changes and chose Estúdio Nômade to help with the mission. It was necessary to make the department reflect on the practice and develop as an agent of change. Until then, ENGIE's HR had the characteristic of being more operational than strategic, only reacting to the needs of the boards.

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Our Process

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The Synergy and Collaboration Workshop featured several dynamic activities of integration, awareness and visualization, provoking the group to discover what makes sense and where the sector has the most potential to develop.


Participants connected and together they became aware of what kind of Human Resources they want to be, where they want to go and how they can achieve their goals.


The event was divided into four lines of content:

"What HR do we want to be?"
that had the intention of seeking to build a new version of the area
"Available activities and resources" 
in which it was discussed what can help in the walk
"Purpose-driven innovation"
in which a panel was built with possibilities for HR that the company wants to have
"Learning Spaces"
who saw opportunities for the development of new processes.

_   Flow of the discovery process worked with the Engie Brasil HR team, where we helped create directions and guidelines for the team to develop as an agent of change in the organization.


Visualization of opportunities and obstacles

After different exercises, different expressions of the group were organized in a panel of possibilities, along with innovation contributions identified by the Estúdio Nômade team. The workshop also generated a report that was delivered to ENGIE, with an analytical compilation of what was experienced during the event and an orientation of possible actions to be taken. The solution brought greater clarity to the paths and structuring of actions that stimulate the movement of change in the work environment, in addition to the possibility of visualizing new opportunities and obstacles.

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