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Outback Steakhouse Brazil


_ Team Building
_ Relational Intelligence


The 10 managers involved were able to recognize their needs and identify ways to improve communication, being connected to a greater purpose that leads to common growth.

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Through an immersive two-day activity, it was possible to understand the scenario and transmit relevant technical content on communication to employees, creating opportunities for team integration and gradual implementation of new behaviors that contribute to the day-to-day management activity. day.

" I am responsible for 21 stores and I managed to have a more targeted and effective communication with the leaders of each branch".
Adam Silva Albuquerque,
Service Tech at Outback Steakhouse Brazil


_   Workshop held with the leadership team

Communication and Integration generates
improvement in Organizational Processes

It is essential that, in organizational processes, there is agility, trust, interaction, engagement and transparency. So that all processes are executed with the best possible quality.


We held an immersive workshop with the Outback team and, using tools that work with self-perception, systemic vision and project thinking, we facilitated a process of redesigning relationships and work processes.


_   Workshop held with the leadership team

generates trust


For a company to function in an aligned way and make the most of its potential, it is essential to have an engaged team. And that is only possible through good practices and people development.


Outback challenged Nômade to create an environment of trust among the team, allowing the real needs of operating the business to emerge. With this, improve performance and work synergy.

Our Process

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The methodology consisted of a look at the different profiles that make up the group of employees and managers, tracing personality characteristics that make each individual unique and complementary as a team.
One of the initial procedures was the exercise of listening — the main factor in communication. The process included a reflection, encouraging overcoming the challenge of actually listening to the other, observing how judgments happen and how there are different perspectives and interpretations based on each individual's own life trajectory.
In the second stage, there was a dive into the daily activities and demands of the Outback. Estúdio Nômade carried out activities that brought reflection to the processes carried out by the team, correlating with personal experiences to ensure the memorization of concepts through awareness. Through this process, it was possible to identify challenges and work with the co-creation of possible solutions to these issues.

_   Workshop held with the leadership team

Testimonials from those who witnessed this impact 
A performance of excellence involves a team and integrated management. Not just for your career, but also for your personal life. The Estúdio Nômade method integrated management and employees, contributing to improvements in interpersonal relationships, inside and outside the company.  For the Outback team, the intervention was very productive, several alignments   were carried out and commitments made. The process was highly relevant, increasing the awareness and maturity of the group. A possibility for any business that seeks results through people.
" The most interesting thing [about the Nômade process] is that not only for my professional life, but also for my personal relationships. I managed to better align my speeches and even achieve more effectiveness in the expected results for each need".

Adam Silva Albuquerque,
Service Tech at Outback Steakhouse Brazil

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