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Leadership Journey: Nike Next Generation of Leaders




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_ Systemic and Design Thinking
_ Strategic Design Approach and Tools
_ Soft skills development

The new generation of talents has had a great evolution in their self-perception capacity, knowing how to identify their strengths and limitations, to direct improvement efforts. Thus, with greater knowledge of their personal resources, they developed design thinking with critical analysis and impact awareness; they learned strategic design tools, such as approach and techniques for listening to needs, co-creation and prototyping with users. Today, all participants are in new positions of greater responsibility, a direct contribution to their development.


Video-invitation presented at the beginning of the Program

A journey to develop professional skills to prepare the new generation of company leaders, stimulating the personal growth of Nike Brazil employees.

The result of the journey was the delivery of two solutions with high potential and application for the business, influencing Nike in global territory.

" We are already feeling the development of the members of this group, because now they have a much more strategic view, a sharper vision of the future. Since they lead topics connected with our business, which will bring benefits to the way we work today in Brazil. This program is also serving as a super important tool for personal transformation and engagement between them and the company."

Raquel Uyechi - HR Manager Nike Brazil


Leadership Journey: Nike Next Generation of Leaders won 1st place in the Strategic Design and Services category at the 7th Bornancini National Design Award (2018). The Bornancini National Design Award is of national recognition, held biennially since 2006, with more than 1900 projects registered in this period. These undergo the evaluation of a highly qualified panel of judges, composed of important professionals in the field of design.

Leadership Journey: Nike Next Generation

A program that put together strategic design and systemic psychology through a "learn by doing" journey in two layers: design tools + individual discoveries. The new leadership, more and more, needs to show emotional maturity and the ability to facilitate processes with a broad and inclusive vision, attentive to all the variables and their impacts. This program was carried out in 04 steps for 07 months, always guiding tasks and bringing tools, while accompanying individuals in their maturation processes through assessment tools, starting from a "personal map".

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_   Warm Up: Offsite Desing Sprint meet

Developing professional competences and stimulating  personal growth of Nike Brazil employees

The new generation of professionals increasingly seeks meaning in their relationships and actions. This generates a series of behavioral consequences. For example: they are no longer looking only for stability in a job. They want to be right in what they do, produce something with some meaningful purpose. Thus, the approximation of personal and professional life is inevitable.


Nike is fully aware of this. Consequently, in January 2018, the Talent Development area, which takes care of the human development of the company in Brazil, called several consultancy companies and presented a need: to develop talents already recognized internally so that they become more strategic leaders, simultaneously stimulating personal capabilities that improve human management skills through a real business challenge. Nômade presented the most consistent solution design and started the work process.


Nike’s General Manager in Brazil proposed the business challenge, in line with a set of attributes defined as relevant to the development of Nike's leadership.

Initial Methodology

Two simultaneous lines of action were generated:
Develop managerial skills and strategic design thinking to encourage high performance behavior to generate creative solutions to established challenges using Codesign and Strategic Design tools.
Enhance talents, fostering a journey of discovery and critical analysis of personal performance, developing relevant skills for creative and conscious leaders, contributing to their personal and professional growth.
The Leadership Journey:
Nike Next Generation begun in April of the same year. Each of the stages opens with a Working Session to experiment and learn tools that will be used during the same stage of the program. Specific skills are developed in each of the stages. Some practical examples of skills worked during the program:

_ Analytical ability

_ Context reading

_ Critical thinking

_ Time management

_ Generation of alternatives

_ Rapid prototyping

_ Feasibility assessment

Parallel to this solution design process, a set of Performance Analysis activities takes place. Using Assessment tools (instruments that facilitate the understanding of the behavioral profile and personality characteristics), the employee was encouraged to look at himself and his colleagues, guiding a work of self-knowledge and potential discovery.
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_   Example of a Personal Map developed with the information collected​


_   Warm Up: Offsite Design Sprint meet

Project Results

With these two simultaneous approaches, joining Systemic Psychology with Strategic Design, we make it possible to improve the capacities of leaders so that they are more aware and capable of making great transformations, with criticism regarding the context and creativity to generate alternatives.

Despite the competitive nature, there is no incentive for competition among the participants. At various times members are invited to share and collaborate as best they can. Therefore, the final result is the result of a collective work, which was evidenced in the final presentation of the two teams.


The event was attended by the entire board of directors of the company in Brazil and was a great success. The solutions were recognized for their creative capacity and effective applicability. In addition, the methodology of the Program was valued by all participants, as the guidelines were particularly important for them to provide depth and objectivity on the way to the solution.

Testimonials from those who witnessed this impact
" The program gave me a more structured sense of work planning, when thinking of an idea, try to bring it closer to the strategic plan, looking at the whole and not just executing or imagining the execution, but thinking about all the steps. I believe this is rooted in me due to the mentoring performed by Nômade."

Ryane Boccia Retail Brand Manager NIKE BRAZIL 
" It is not always clear, in the routine, the effects of the project, but they really exist... In my case, I believe that what was most present were two points: the first related to how to solve problems, making analyzes that go beyond the obvious, trying to look for perspectives outside my area of expertise. Without a doubt, this was one of the things I experienced in the project.

The second is more in the image of the observer, trying to put myself more in that role. In my daily life, I always have to be active and solve problems (increasingly complex), however, after the project I ended up using this role of observing a little more... people, behaviors, posture, etc. then take some action."

Rafael Martins – Director of Technology

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_   Warm Up: Offsite Design Sprint meeting

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