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_Workshop + Facilitation 


The broadening of interest in the subject. The initiative generated very productive insights, new business opportunities, debates on regulatory issues, as well as great networking in the potential medical cannabis market.

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Immersive experience of co-creation that generated space for dialogue, driving innovation and generating solutions for the national and international market, bringing together researchers, investors and industry professionals. 

" Feedback from the event in general was very positive. The topic was approached in a light and scientific way, everyone was free to share about it. The first working partnership with Nômade was great: we planned and executed well. We are thinking about the second edition, which will be broader and segmented into different areas.".

Alex Lucena, Head of Innovation

an event
and various perspectives
for advancing medical cannabis

Cannabis Thinking was an event held on March 7, 2019, at the CIVI-CO space in the city of São Paulo/SP, promoted by The Green Hub accelerator. The event was attended by 22 organizations (being  90% not directly linked to cannabis and 70% from the health area), also with the presence of political representatives, such as the former president of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Headed by Marcel Grecco (CEO), Alex Lucena (Head of Innovation) and Marcelo de Vita (Co-founder – Director of Business Development & Marketing), from The Green Hub, Cannabis Thinking   was a unique experience.


The initiative promoted a great interaction between several professionals interested in medical cannabis. Among the highlights were the various moments of exchange and learning, in addition to intelligent discussions about the future of the market and new possibilities through startups focused on the sector. We engaged in the creation of an immersive co-creation experience that brought together a diversity of professionals to think about the cannabis market in a broad way, contemplating different visions.


_   Co- creation through service design for new possibilities in the medical cannabis market

A new industry requires new thinking

The debate on the use of cannabis in medicinal treatments still has a lot of room to evolve in Brazil. This happens for legal and cultural reasons, these barriers prevent thousands of patients, with numerous diseases, from having alternative medicines. In partnership with accelerator The Green Hub, Nômade has developed a smart way to creatively connect professionals from different areas and develop new opportunities for the medical use of cannabis.

Our Process

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Future scenarios:
dynamics to promote action strategies
Lightness and fluidity are words that define Nômade's performance in Cannabis Thinking. As it is still a delicate subject, many controversial positions can arise, especially with almost 100 participants, which is why conducting the dynamic was so important. For this event, we used the concept of   future scenarios.

The activities led to a creative reflection on the opportunities in the medical cannabis market, considering the current context and how it should unfold in the coming years.

We facilitate the creation of these future scenarios, because when they are formalized by people, they present and materialize a vision of what could be (the context of the future market, services or even a set of ideas and opportunities).

Nômade conducted everything in a playful way: botanical materials were carefully selected, prepared for the moment, along with other creative inputs, so that the participants could, with the tools of co-creation, exchange knowledge and visions.

_   Co- creation through service design for new possibilities in the medical cannabis market

And for us, what remains?
The Cannabis Thinking edition was an absolute success from start to finish. From the lectures, the dynamics carried out by Nômade and the closing debate. Everything served to further foster thinking and the emergence of ideas and solutions for health with the use of cannabis.
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