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2013 - 2016

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_ Service Design


Digital and analog channels to think together with the community solutions for the needs of people with disabilities, placing Mercur in the position of facilitator of an open network process.

Diversidade na Rua Nômade e Mercur

An initiative that created digital and analog channels to think together with the community solutions for the needs of people with disabilities, placing Mercur in the position of facilitator of an open network process.

" The opportunity to work with Nômade allowed us a very important complementarity, with a vision that they bring that is more systemic, working on the human issue, awakening in us values and meaning that deconstructing building with people is really what people need in their business strategy."

Breno Strussmann, General Manager of Mercur

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_   First meetings that started the project, where people expressed themselves and co-created on the topic of diversity.

Mercur and Comunidade 
united by inclusion

The discussion about accessibility and inclusion is gaining more and more space in Brazil. Small actions make a difference, but the more collaborative the initiative, the greater the positive impact on society and the change it will bring about in the reality of people with disabilities.

In this union of forces between Estúdio Nômade and Mercur, the project Diversidade na Rua was born. An initiative with the objective of identifying solutions together with the community for children and adults with disabilities.


_   First meetings that started the project, where people expressed themselves and co-created on the topic of diversity.

Challenge  Home

In 2013, after a period of reflection on what could be done in the area of education, Mercur came across the theme of diversity and saw a purpose in it.


Mercur's challenge was to visualize possibilities for developing projects related to education, opening new channels of interaction with the public, rethinking the role of the industry and generating benefits for both the business and society.

Our Process

The project started with a research work and identification of the profile of the actors involved, which had a team of anthropologists.
After this definition, the first major co-creation of the project was put into practice: a cycle of three meetings with games and sensory experiences where participants could express themselves.
Then the project's website went live. Thus, a network of people interested in inclusion and accessibility, the disabled, family members and health professionals began to form in Rio Grande do Sul.
Over time, the project intensified. New face-to-face meetings were held, and the digital platform gained other sections, such as discussion forums, consolidating itself as a digital space for learning and exchanging information. Nômade took care of the mapping of influencers in the area and also guided the company through the metaprojection approach, in which processes are designed and redesigned using codesign tools. In addition, he was responsible for the visual identity of the project.

Definition of visual identity;


Website and Activation Content Management; ​


Relationship with influencers;

Resource Almanac; ​


E-commerce and its innovation devices.

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_   Workshops for co-creation of products from Diversidade na Rua, a process of discovery and experimentation carried out together with the groups that participate in the network.


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​With the idea of expanding solutions for people with disabilities, a line of work was created focused on problems of autonomy in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), which resulted in the launch of specific products for that audience. They are objects that aim to facilitate daily tasks and give more autonomy. All thought and executed collaboratively.
To present the products to the community, an almanac was co-created. The publication is distributed in the events in which Mercur participates, as well as in the different Workshops that the project mobilizes. Thus, people can see the products and make the purchase right there, later by phone or even through the website, which later started to rely on an e-commerce. Throughout the process of interacting with the network of people, Mercur would like to find new channels to promote access to its products. During the project, an unprecedented channel was discovered, where Mercur could sell its products through a logic very different from traditional retail. Undoubtedly, one of the main results that Diversity found.
On the digital platform, more innovations so that all interested parties can acquire and benefit from the products. With the idea of forming a collaborative network, the Solidarity Account was created. For each item, there are three prices available. It is up to the buyer to decide whether to opt for the lowest, considering fair value, or whether to pay an increase of 10% or 20%, with the objective of offering another person with less purchasing power a discount of the same percentage. In addition, by choosing Shipping Amigo, delivery can be made by a volunteer from the network, free of charge. These two devices contribute to the consolidation of a collaborative culture in the network that Mercur is articulating. The products and actions resulted in greater engagement of the entire community.
Material Diversidade

_   Diversity on the Street Resource Almanac, with products developed through a process that involved different groups and people from the Diversity network. To make the Almanac more accessible, a set of sign language illustration and writing was co-created with the SINAIS research group for each product and for the colors. The Resource Almanac can be accessed here .

Project Results
According to Mercur employee and project coordinator, Silda Santos, the contribution was significant, with emphasis on the design of the digital platform and the contribution of concepts that instigated discoveries for the industry to act in a network.
" ... the movement that Diversidade na Rua is experiencing today is the result of a construction of many people and institutions that believe in this network movement and collaborate to re-signify our way of doing and being with people"._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Silda Santos, coordinator of the Diversity project at Rua da Mercur S/A.
Operating since 1924, this was a unique and differentiated experience for Mercur with a direct relationship with the final public. Until then, the rubber-derived artifacts industry headquartered in Santa Cruz do Sul (RS) had closer contact with retailers and product resellers. As a result of the project, the organization opened up into a network, finding new ways and tools to relate to the community and co-create relevant solutions.

Diversidade na Rua continues with an ever-increasing network of people and continues to bring innovations to Mercur. Estúdio Nômade collaborated with the initiative from its inception, in 2013, until 2016. From the initial action, developments emerged, and the partnership of the two companies continues in other projects.

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