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Innovation  & Collaboration  
redesigning processes


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"We understand that the result was successfully achieved, Nômade left us not only a set of tools, it is noticeable that the transformation was not only digital, but cultural, with people more open to the new, to the different and to difficulties, exactly what that we were looking to develop in the team to transcend the pandemic"

Bruno Osorio - Managing Partner


_ Consultancy in cultural and process transformation
_ Capacity for innovation

Collaborative training in a culture of innovation to redesign key business processes.

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_   Prototyping exercise carried out in Workshop

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The project
of Redesign

Bioseta is a family business that has been operating for over 30 years in environmental biosecurity services, with processes focused on water quality, air quality, environmental sanitization, phytosanitary and waste treatments and vector and urban pest control.

Nômade's approach sought to take into account the client's reality, its in-depth knowledge of the business itself and its challenges. Therefore, a training process was carried out so that he could identify what innovation is in his context. 

The Esquadrão Bioseta working group, which brought together company employees and consultants, acted with the aim of sharing knowledge about innovation and working collaboratively.

Initial Challenge

Bioseta's challenge was to modernize its internal processes and to create its own culture focused on innovation, with the objective of reorienting the business and creating new services allied to technology.


_   Frameworks used during training

The results delivered

Through the methodology of “As is” and “To be” (as it is today and as it should be) three essential processes were listed to modernize and optimize Bioseta's business:
the need to improve procedures regarding the management of protective equipment resources was identified – gloves, overalls, boots, etc. – essential items for the provision of services. Among the suggested actions are the redesign of the process flow, the standardization of service kits, adequacy of stock and creation of a physical space for the logistics of PPE with intelligent management.
Nômade brought a more contemporary vision, with new concepts, on how to evaluate the performance of employees and how to guide them towards the achievement of goals.
this process has been completely redesigned, given its end-to-end importance in the business, from the origin of demand to final delivery. Through mapping, it was identified where all the bottlenecks and all the links between the different areas of the company were. With a BPM-driven approach and the use of process automation logic, the service release framework has been updated and transformed, with a focus on agility.
Building value, creating culture and mentoring

8 workshops were held over 8 months (March to October 2021), with the aim of sharing knowledge about agility and innovation and training professionals who were part of the Bioseta Squad to incorporate the concepts of innovation into their work practices diary. 

A vast repository of content in different formats - videos, texts, audios - was also made available for consultation by participants, as well as a space for discussion and connection, with the purpose of stimulating learning about new work dynamics aimed at the agile culture and digital transformation through process innovation

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_   Design Thinking Workshop 

Testimonials from those who witnessed this impact 
" Nômade was not a company that Bioseta hired to solve a problem, it was a strategic decision-making, because we were looking for a partner that had the ability to help us reach a new level as an organizational culture.

The process was totally built by several hands, from planning to execution, with several moments of alignment and refinement, a journey of immersion of Nômade in Bioseta, where I highlight the high commitment of professionals with our goals.

We understand what result was successfully achieved, Nômade left us not only a set of tools, it is noticeable that the transformation was not only digital, but cultural, with people more open to the new, to the different and to difficulties, exactly what we sought to develop in the team to transcend the pandemic.

  Bruno Osorio - Managing Partner
" After consulting with Nômade, Bioseta's areas are much more integrated than at any other time since I joined the company. During the process, when they asked us “does this make sense to you?”, I felt part of the construction solutions and I was sure that Nômade really cared about making something that would be put to good use by us."

  Marina, Bioseta Commercial Team 
" After the experience with Nômade, I see the processes within the company increasingly optimized and updated, looking for other theories and other examples as inspiration to innovate. This increased my motivation and my interest in continuing to look for ways to continue improving myself. Although it was a complex work, I only see improvements, and I have a lot to be thankful for these new visions that Nômade has brought to our daily practice.

Kelly , Bioseta HR team
" This experience changed the way we look at the day-to-day problems within the company, making us understand how to deal with them using the tools presented. to solve challenges together. Nômade came to add all its knowledge to the company, making people able to go much further."

Thomer, Bioseta Purchasing team

_   Group dynamics

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